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Our Offerings

We use the word wellbeing to encompass two things – being able to deal better with stress and at the same time cultivate positive states of being. We believe that wellbeing is a skill that can be learnt. Our offerings are designed to help individuals experience, understand and learn that skill. 

In the current context of the pandemic, this skill becomes particularly relevant. We come from the position that though we may have little or almost no control over our external circumstances (for example COVID) we can learn to regulate our responses to situations and events with appropriate understanding, perspectives, and skills.

Our approach to the sessions is experiential, reflective, and rooted in making connections to the participants’ own life. While we conduct the sessions virtually, we have significant experience in keeping the spaces engaging and interactive.

Frozen Leaves

Reclaim Your Wellbeing

We offer our flagship program includes a 4-10 week journey. 


Through the program, participants assemble a personal toolkit of different wellbeing practices. This toolkit consists of perspectives, practices, and skills that will help them:

  • Respond more constructively to stress and uncertainty 

  • Better accept and deal with difficulties and setbacks

  • Better regulate their emotions

  • Be more focused and productive at work

  • Cultivate healthier and more satisfying relationships

  • Have fewer unpleasant interactions

  • Develop feelings of greater joy, satisfaction, and optimism

The programs include:

  • 4-10 Live Sessions depending on your needs

  • Short, meaningful exercises to help participants cultivate their practice

  • Additional access to resources to deepen learning

  • Additional access to facilitators to clarify their questions

  • Opt-in opportunities to connect with other participants for support and learning

Time Per Session: 1.5-2 hours

Understand Wellbeing

We offer facilitated learning experiences that combine knowledge and practice focused on a particular theme of wellbeing that enables participants to leave with useful perspectives, practices, and skills.

Time per Session: 1-1.5 hours

Leather Cushion

Experience Wellbeing

We facilitate circles in which participants experience guided contemplative, wellbeing-focused practices that leave them with:

  • Feelings of calmness, relaxation, joy & compassion 

  • A sense of social connection with others

Time Per Session: Upto 1 hour

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