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Our Offerings


We run programmes to help individuals learn the skill of wellbeing. To us, wellbeing is not just the absence of illness, but the presence of many positive states, including having safe and healthy relationships, experiencing positive emotions like joy and optimism, being focused and energetic to attain your goals, etc. All the themes we focus on nurture an individual's mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

Our Flagship Programme - "Unlocking Wellbeing"

Watch this 3-minute video to understand our offering better!

To learn more about our approach or experience a trial session:

A Unique Programme Design

Our programme is grounded in principles of positive psychology, neuroscience and traditional wisdom. At the same time, it is highly experiential and rooted in self-inquiry!

About the Programme:

  • 6 to 14 sessions, depending on chosen themes

  • Two hours per session

  • Group size of 20-40

  • Online Delivery and Engagement

Having lived experiences of working towards wellbeing, we understand the challenges individuals face on this journey. We are committed to ensuring that change happens for every participant! 

  • Live sessions  for knowledge and opportunities to connect and apply the learning to their own lives

  • A process that guides participants to practice 

  • Structures that enable peer-learning and facilitator-support

Our programme is differentiated for corporate and nonprofit organizations. We contextualize it to your organization's needs.


Other Programmes

In addition to our flagship offering for organizations, we also offer programmes focused on cultivating a culture of Wellbeing in Schools and Higher Education Institutions. Do reach out to us so that we can design your programme with you! ​

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