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Why Wellbeing for Organizations

When individuals thrive, organizations thrive!

Watch the short video to explore why your organization should consider wellbeing.

​Organizations that invest in wellbeing see many benefits. Employee retention, commitment, and attachment increases. Collaboration and creativity grows. Conflicts are resolved productively and quickly.

What we do


We help individuals thrive!

Wellbeing is about thriving and flourishing.


Wellbeing arises from the ability to make constructive choices in response to different situations.


We help individuals in organizations learn to make choices so that they

  • become focused and productive

  • bounce back from adversities quickly

  • build safe and healthy relationships

  • cooperate and collaborate effectively 

  • operate from positive emotional states


"The relevance of the program was evident in how participants responded through their consistent participation, in-session questions and sharing, and involvement in post-session reflective activities. The PMDL program invited the participants to be part of a practice-oriented approach to well-being that is rooted in simple, easy-to-access ideas. The highlights of the program were: (i) the well-structured sessions with many opportunities for participants to engage meaningfully in plenaries and break out rooms (ii) well-planned content that was held together based on a coherent framework but responsive to the participants' sharing and participation (iii) creating spaces for reflective practice both within sessions and in post-work pods. The Viridus team was constantly feeling the pulse of the participants and responding to the challenges they faced vis-a-vis the various demands of the program."

Thejaswi Shivanand, 

Wipro Foundation

(Partner Organization Representative)

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